Geological Heritage
By admin | 8-6-2019 11:23

Geological Heritage of Khorat Geopark


Khorat Geopark has a rich geological history, which is represented by the beautiful cuesta landscapes, fossil beds, and fluvial systems. Geosites which are of geological importance include:


Fossil forest, Khrok Duean Ha
A fossil forest with petrified trees from the Quaternary period (approx. 800,000 years before present).

Dinosaur sites, Khok Kruat, Suranaree
Red sandstone fossil beds containing dinosaur fossils from the early Cretaceous period (approx. 110 million years before present).

Phu Khao Thong earthen pond
A 50 m deep gravel pit with various geological strata, including loess, laterite, gravel beds, Phu Kaho Thong formation, and Khorat group. 

Fossil Museum, Khok Sung
A museum which exhibits a myriad of fossilized species found throughout the area. 

Nong Suang salt pond
A large rock salt deposit; the most important geological resource of the surrounding area

Pong Daeng earthen pond
Many ponds have been excavated throughout this site, revealing history through geologically stratified layers within the sediments. 

Ancient elephant fossil sites, Tha Chang, Phra Phut
Quaternary period fossil beds containing ancient proboscidea fossils. 

Mo Cha Bok potholes
A series of large, deep depressions in the sandstone rock formations caused by many years of swiftly swirling water currents.

Sikhio rock quarry
A resource site of sandstone used for the construction of stone sanctuaries and other important structures in the Khorat Geopark. 


Wat Pa Khao Hin Tat
A stone forest temple in the mountains of Khorat Geopark carved from the sandstone of the region

Khao Chan Ngam Cave and pictographs
An important site for geology, ecology, and culture with pictographs from the Neolithic period (approx. 3,000 – 4,000 years before present).

Yai Thiang cliff
A great cliff with an altitude of approximately 650 meters above sea level and a beautiful viewpoint overlooking the Khorat Basin.

Khao Yai Thiang viewpoint
A viewpoint overlooking the Lamtakhong Jolabha Vadhana upper reservoir

Khap Krasang green sandstone
Unusually colored green sandstone deposits of Khap Krasang

Bukha cliff
A Cliff viewpoint at the steep end of a Khorat Questa

Wat Khao Phrik or Wat Phra Phuttabaht Khiriwan Khao Prik
A stone temple in the mountains on the Cliffside of a cuesta overlooking the Lam Takhong waterway. 

Wa Phukaew waterfall
Rocky outcrops with scattered streams and pools lead to a series of beautiful terraced waterfalls.

Wat Pa Phu Pha Sung
A unique temple on the Dong Mafai Mountain with green roofed structures up to 5 stories in height and spectacular surrounding views.

Wang Nen waterfall
A scenic area with forests, rocky outcrops, waterfalls, and natural pools. 

Phu Badan
A natural spring, approx. 216.9 meters deep, with fresh water constantly outflows from the confined aquifer. 

Wat Khao Chad
A temple built in a small gorge along the Phu Phan Rock Trail surrounded by mountains and stone pillars

Khao Sam Sip Sang
A large reservoir viewpoint with surrounding natural and topographical beauty. 

Sung Noen rock quarry
A site of ancient anthropological and paleontological significance. Sandstone of the Khok Kruat Formation exhibits man-made rectangular grooves and dinosaur fossils from the early Cretaceous period, (approx. 110 million years before present)