Dong Ma Fai Coffee Site
By admin | 28-6-2019 21:09

Dong Mafai Coffee Community Enterprise

This is an area where Arabica coffee plants are grown by the Dong Ma Fai Coffee Community Enterprise in an elevated area in the valley and on the slope of E-to (cleaver knife) shaped mountain or CUESTA. The plants are grown at an altitude of 400-700 meters above the mean sea level. The soil is sandy loam, slightly clayey, and alkaline (pH 6-7). The geography specific to this area causes the coffee of Dong Ma Fai to show when analyzed, a low concentration of caffeine, less than 1 percent by weight. This can be compared to coffee in general produced in other areas with caffeine levels at 3 percent or higher. Because of this, the coffee has received approval as a GI (Geographic Indication) product by the Department of Intellectual Property, the first such product from Nakhon Ratchasima Province, in 2016.





      Thai Geographical Indication Product