About Khorat Geopark
By admin | 7-6-2019 17:08



The name “Khorat Geopark” arises from the former name of Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Khorat (also known as Korat), before the capital was moved from Sung Noen District to the present location by King Narai the Great in 1674 (Buddhist Era, BE 2217). Khorat has been renowned nationally for the Khorat language, people, music and internationally recognized in scientific names of new vertebrate fossil species discovered in the geopark, e.g., Khoratosuchus jintasakuli (crocodile) and Sirindhorna khoratensis (dinosaur).


Pictures of Khorat Geopark natural identities are incorporated into its logo, including the ancient elephant (Gomphotherium), the cuesta topography, and the Lam Takhong River.

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Latitude 14°40’48” N - 15°08’24” N
Longitude 101°23’46” E - 102°23’53” E