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Duangkrayom, J. , Wang,S., Deng, T., andJintasakul, P.,(2016). The first Neogene record of
Zygolophodon (Mammalia, Proboscidea) in Thailand: implications for the mammutid
evolution and dispersal in Southeast Asia
.Journal of Paleontology.DOI: 10.1017/
jpa.2016.143 : 1-15

Deesri, U., Jintasakul, P., and Cavin, L.(2016). A new Ginglymodi (Actinopterygii, Holostei)
from the Late Jurassic–Early Cretaceous of Thailand, with comments on the early
diversification of Lepisosteiformes in Southeast Asia.Journal of Vertebrate
. DOI: 10.1080/02724634.2016.1225747.

Nishioka, Y., Nakaya, H., Suzuki, K., Ratanasthien, B., Jintasakul, P., Hanta, R., Kunimatsu, Y. (2016).
Two LargeRodents from the Middle Miocene ofChiang Muan, Northern Thailand,
Historical Biology28 (1-2): 151-158
Boonchai, N., Gray, R. J., Naksri, W., Bunlampoo, S. (2016). Petrified forest, Tak Province,
sustainable conservation and economicdevelopment from community-based
natural resources management. AbstractBiological and cultural diversity" living in
Harmony. Nan, Thailand. 15th-17thJune 2016. p. 35. (Oral presentation)