Ngieng Nang Dham Textile Production
By admin | 26-8-2019 14:27

       The craft of producing cloth is practiced in Sung Noen District by Thais whose ancestors migrated from Vientiane, Laos, 100 years ago. Their language and culture was mixed with that of the Khorat Thais.  Thus, the color black, “Si Dham”, or solid color, Si Thueb”, was called “Nang Dham”. The word “Ngieng” is used in the local dialect of Sung Noen District, meaning “To remove the yarn out and insert the another one into the fabric”  Ngieng Nang Dham cloth has the following prominent characteristics: it is cotton cloth in which 3 threads of cotton of 3 colors are twisted together to become 1 color. When weaving, there are 3 patterns, the first part is red cloth matched with vertical stripes cotton cloth of yellow and white. The second part is indigo dyed cloth inserted with red yarn. The third part is fringe of Sarong, woven with cotton in striped. Otherwise, Ngieng Nang Dham cloth is lightweight fabric, comfortable to wear, suitable for all weather conditions. However, most people prefer to wear Ngieng Nang Dham cloth that woven from silk in a formal occasion.