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Philippe, M., Boonchai, N., Ferguson, K. D., Jia, H.,Songtham, W.(2013).
Giant trees from the Middle Pleistocene ofNorthern Thailand.
Science Reviews.65:1-4 (Link Here :

Hanta, R., Jintasakul, P., Takai, M.(2013).First discovery of ahippopotamus fossil from
Thailand and its significance onpalaeobiogeography in SE Asia.Southeast
A sian Gateway EvolutionMeeting (SAGE 2013),
11 - 15 March 2013,
Berlin, Germany.(PDF.File)

Rugmai,W., Grote, J. P.(2013).Late Pleistocene to Holocene environmental and
vegetation changes in Thailand indicated by palynofloras.
Gateway Evolution Meeting(SAGE 2013),
11 - 15 March 2013, Berlin,
Germany. P.146(PDF.File)

Deng, T., Hanta, R. and Jintasakul, P. (2013).A new species of Aceratherium
(Rhinocerotidae, Perissodactyla) from the Late Miocene of Nakhon
Ratchasima, Northeastern Thailand.Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology
33(4): 977 - 985. (Link Here :

Duangkrayom, J., Ratanasthien, B., Jintasakul, P., Carling, P.A.2013. Sedimentary
facies and paleoenvironment of a Pleistocene fossil site in Nakhon
Ratchasima province, northeastern Thailand.Quaternary International. In
Press, Corrected Proof. (Link Here :